Fencing Solutions





Dual reel switch

The first piece of hardware by Pręts-Allez is a dual reel switch constructed for the Youth A World Championships 2010 in modern pentathlon in Uppsala. The switch is used for the two athlete "teams", eliminating the need to plug in and out during a "team match", thereby saving a lot of time. The switches come in pairs, one of for each side of the scoring machine. They are in design and construction adapted to Favero® scoring machines (FA-01 and FA-05), but can of course be used with scoring machines of all brands.






  • mounting on the sides of the scoring machine
  • colour coded connectors, that with colour coded reels and reel cables make it clear which reel is activated
  • built-in cable connecting to the scoring machine


Dual reel switches adapted to other brands of scoring machines can be made upon request.


Possible future versions:

  • miniswitch (as small as possible)
  • switch with indicator LED, to see which reel is activated






Reel tester

The first piece of hardware by Pręts-Allez for technicians/armourers is a simple reel tester. The tester closes the contact between the center plug and either of the outer plugs on the fencer's end socket of the reel, thereby making it easier to test the reel by pulling the cable out and letting the cable retract.





  • easier to use than tongs or keys, ensuring constant contact between the plugs
  • ability to test pistes, since all pins are connected to each other
  • small size