Fencing Solutions






PrÍts-Allez Complete Fencing Tournament Management Software (CFTMS)



The first piece of software created by PrÍts-Allez was the entry function for the Junior Nordic Championships 2009 in Uppsala. This will, hopefully, develop into PrÍts, the competition preparation and entry part of PrÍts-Allez CFTMS.


A demo of the entry function (v 0.1) will be made available.



The main part of PrÍts-Allez CFTMS, the competition running part, is the reason PrÍts-Allez started. The lack of a good fencing competition running software initiated the thoughts about creating solutions for fencing.



The planned features of PrÍts-Allez CFTMS are

  • a GUI (graphical user interface) in the true meaning of the word, with features like
    • drag-and-drop
    • hover information
    • overview
  • Java-based, for
    • cross platform compatibility
    • web version (Java applet)
  • sophisticated time planning
  • concentrated structure (e.g. everything that has to with poule sheets (printing, entering, reporting) is in one place instead of spread out in several)
  • new improved file format
  • compatibility with existing file formats
  • and more...